Our Mission
Since our Lord has made clear in His Word that He "wants all men to be saved" eternally (2 Timothy 2:4), since he has commanded us to "make disciples of all nations" (Matt. 28:19) by baptizing and by teaching his holy Word, and since he has told us to "feed My sheep" (John 21:17), therefore we as individuals, groups, committees, boards, and as a congregation keep the following as our primary focus:
  • Share the good news about Jesus;
  • Provide opportunities for our members to study the Word of God so they grow in their relationship with Jesus;
  • Pray for one another and for the lost;
  • Love and encourage one another; and
  • Serve our Lord, one another and our neighbor with the gifts and talents he has given us.

Your Personal Mission:

Be in and around the Word of God.  Get God's word into your home and life.  Gather regularly and often with other Christians in this building and elsewhere to mutually support one another with the Word.  Share the love of Jesus with people you know who do not at this time see Jesus as a necessary part of their lives.  Share the Word of Jesus with those who are wandering from their Savior.  Live your entire life to your Savior's glory eagerly anticipating life eternal with him.